PhD. Arizona  State  University 2004

Dr. Bingqian Xu, Principal Investigator
Professor, College of Engineering and NanoSEC
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Dept. of Physics
University of Georgia
168 Riverbend Research South
220 Riverbed Rd. Athens, GA 30602
Tel: (706)542-0502; (706)542-9476 (lab); Fax: (706)542-3804
Web: http://xulab.uga.edu/index.htm

10 recent representative publications

  • CL Guo, K  Wang,  E Zerah-Harush, J Hamill, B Wang, Y Dubi, BQ Xu, 2016 Single-molecule rectifier composed of DNA with high rectification ratio enabled by structure modification    Nat. Chem., Advance online publication (DOI: 10.1038/NCHEM.2480)  link.
  • Z Lou,  B Wang, CL Guo, K Wang, HQ Zhang, BQ Xu, 2015 Molecualr-level Insight of Early-stage Prion Protein   Aggregation  on Mica and God Surface by AFM Imaging and Molecular Simulation  Colloids Surf., B 135 371-378
  • CL Guo, X Fan,  H Qiu, W Xiao, L Wang, BQ Xu, 2015 High-resolution probing heparan sulfate-antithrombin interaction on single endothelial cell surface:  Single-molecule AFM studies, Phys. Chem. Chem.Phys., 17 13301-13306 
  • K Wang,  J Hamill,  JF Zhou, BQ Xu, 2014 Mapping the details of contact effect of modulated Au-octanedithiol-Au break junction by force-conductance cross-correlation ,  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136 (50), pp 17406–17409
  • K Wang, J Hamill, B Wang, CL Guo, S Jiang, Z Huang, BQ Xu, 2014 Structure determined charge transport in single DNA molecule break junctions,  Chem. Sci., 5 (9) 3425-3431 
  • MM Zhang, GJ Chen, G. Kumar, BQ Xu, 2013 Mapping out the structural changes of natural and pretreated plant cell wall surfaces by atomic force microscopy single molecular recognition  imaging, Biotechnol. Biofuels, 6, 147
  • JF Zhou, S Samanta, CL Guo, J Locklin, BQ Xu, 2013 Measurements of contact specific low-bias negative differential resistance of single metalorganic molecular junctions, Nanoscale, 3,  5715-5719
  • Wang, B Cl Guo, GJ Chen, B Park, BQ Xu, 2012 Following aptamer–ricin specific binding by single molecule recognition and force spectroscopy measurements, Chem. Commun., 48, 1644–1646 (Backcover Highlighted)
  • Zhou JF, F Chen, BQ Xu. 2009. Fabrication and electronic characterization of single molecular junction devices: A comprehensive approach, J AM CHEM SOC 131 (30): 10439-10446
  • Xu BQ and NJ Tao. 2003. Measurement of single-molecule resistance by repeated formation of molecular junctions, SCIENCE 301 (5637): 1221-1223 


Group Members:

Dr. Bin Wang 

BS in Chemistry, Peking University

MS in Chemistry, Georgia State University

PhD In Engineering, University of Georgia



Dr. Yagang Pan

PHD in Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Mr. Kun Wang
(PhD student)

BS in Physics, Shandong University



Ms. Tong Zhang(PhD student)

Department of Chemistry


Mr. Alex Reese  (
PhD student)

Department of Chemistry


Ms. Mingyu Sun
(PhD student)

Department of Physics

Ms. Yanan Zhang
(visiting PhD student)

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)

Mr. Zan Zhang
(visiting PhD student)

Huazhanong Agricultural University (HZAU)


Dr. Fan Chen,
Now research staff in Swedish Hospital in Seattle,WA. (http://www.swedish.org/)

Dr. Anna Jagielska,
Now research scientist at MIT (
CV )      

Dr. Jianfeng Zhou (graduated in January, 2011 from our group). Now Vice Director,Green Building Tech. Institute, College of Engineering at Peking University

Dr. Guojun Chen (graduated in May 2011from our group). Now Senior Development Scientist at Bruker-Nano

Mr. Peng Wei (visiting PhD student)
Now at Peking University

Dr. Samantha Hawkins, Now Research Staff at USDA ARS at Athens, GA.

Mr. Cong Feng, UGA Statistics PhD student

Mr. Mathew Becton (Bruce Dixon Scholar, undergraduate researcher)

Mr. Samuel Squire, Undergraduate student at Duke Medical School

Mr. Laing Lu, (Bruce Dixon Scholar) now Postdoctoral Associate at MIT.

Mr. Paimun Jared (PJ) Amini, Undergraduate student at Washington University

Mr. Jonathan E. Jones (UGA LSAMP undergrdauate reseracher)

Ms. Dianna Cai, (High school student) now MIT undergraduate 

Dr. Cunlan Guo (CV)

BS in Chemistry, Zhengzhou University

PHD in Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Yolanda (Mengmeng) Zhang (PhD student)

BS in Chemical Enginnering, Dalian Univ. of Tech.

BA in English, Dalian Univ. of Tech.

Exchanging Student, Royal Inst.of Tech.(KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Mr. Joseph Hamill (PhD student)

BS in Physics, Western Washington University

Mr. Zhichao Lou (visiting PhD student)

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)