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Single Molecule Study: Molecular Electronics & Single Molecular Biophysics and Mechanics
Welcome to the XU LAB at the University of Georgia!

Lab RBS 176

Chemical synthesis; Two AFM systems configured for recognition and SPM break junction; Optical microscopes; MM 6000 Probe Station System;HP 4156B SC parameter analyzer; UV ozone cleaner;  etc.

Lab 1

Lab RBS 174

Shimadzu 1700 UV-Vis Spectrometer;Gatan ion-beam coater;Pine Bipotentiostat;Bio-Rad Universal Hood;Sample preparation items, etc.

Lab 2
Shared Facility
RBS Bio-cleanroom: http://cleanroom.ovpr.uga.edu/
LEO 982 Field emission scanning electron microscope;  Zeiss 1450EP variable pressure SEM; Philips/FEI Technai 20 TEM; Resonetics RapidX 250 workstation (Laser Micromachine); Karl Suss MA-6 Mask Aligner; Nanovea DS700: Double Sided Non-Contact Profiling & Simultaneous Thickness Measurement; Custom-designed Thermal evaporator (Thermionics); Cary 50 Bio Spectrophotometer (Varian); Kurt J. Lester: ALD 200L; PVD 75, etc.

lab 3

UGA Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (http://ccrc.uga.edu/)
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